EPPIC (www.eppicglobal.org) Annual Conference (Jan 8, 2012) Preview

EPPIC (http://www.eppicglobal.org/UpComingEvents.asp) started by Indian Americans playing a vital role in maintaining American leadership in the global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Instrumentation, and related industries, has grown in the last couple of years, both in stature and in valuable offerings, topics, and speakers, in regularly scheduled meetings and during the annual conference.  I am looking forward to the EPPIC 2012 annual conference on January, 8 at Westin SF Airport, in San Francisco,CA.

Below is a preview of what the conference will offer.  After the opening remarks, the program will begin with Richard Eglen, VP at Corning Life Sciences, discussing emerging trends in drug discovery and implications for healthcare.  We will have an opportunity to hear the story behind the launch of ZELBORAF, recently approved for mutation-positive metastatic melanoma.  Since Herceptin, this is a second launch of targeted personalized medicine in combating aggressive cancer.  Myths and realities of personalized drug development will be further explored by a panel of experts from a broad cross-section.

John Northrup, CEO of Beta Cat Pharma will give an afternoon keynote, followed by a panel that will provide various perspectives from diverse geographical regions including, China, India, and Eastern Europe, and highlight do’s, and don’ts and panel experts will share best practices for successfully engaging globally.  In a keynote, Geetha Rao, VP of Corporate Development at Triple Ring will talk about the role played by emerging markets in medical technology innovation and discuss trends and opportunities in this area.  Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of distinguished VCs for a quick feedback, in the afternoon session.  This will be followed by a keynote by Timothy Moore, Sr. VP, Genentech Biologics Unit.  The last panel will discuss opportunities and challenges in biological therapeutics or biologics.  After the information packed day and following closing remarks, participants will have more opportunity for networking, during evening reception.  Early bird registration ends on December 26, 2011.  Sign up ASAP at www.eppicglobal.org.



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