Issues and challenges in healthcare innovation at Bio2DeviceGroup, December 12, 2011

Gail Maderis from BayBio ( spoke on issues and challenges in healthcare innovation at Bio2Device group ( onDecember 12, 2011.


Gail Maderis began with sharing a snapshot of the biomedical industry in the bay area.  There are about 2,224 biomedical companies with 3.2 B in NIH grants went to California companies in 2009, there are 876 products in development in therapeutics, and half of all biologics approved by FDA were deployed in California.   There are also many challenges facing the healthcare and biomedical industry, with agingUSpopulation, diabetes and obesity on the rise, and yet unclear role that will be played by the emerging markets and worldwide talent.  Emerging technologies will also play a huge role with emphasis on personalized medicine, mobile health, and rapidly emerging area of biofuels and cleantech.


Leading couple of personalized medicine drugs including Herceptin and ZELBORAF, are from CA companies.  There is a great deal of interest in mapping individual genome but data storage will be a challenge.  There are many opportunities in regenerative medicine, particularly in CNS, and tissue and organ regeneration.  Geron, SanBio, Vistagen, iPerian are some of the leading companies working in this space.  Digital health is another big buzz word but it will be challenging to render the data we can now capture into usable and workable information.  In industrial biotech, Amyris, Codexis, Genencore, LS9, and Solazyme are leading the initiatives but more opportunities for large scale production will go overseas.


Access to capital remains a huge challenge, with 39% of VCs saying they decreased investment during the last 3 years.  Regulatory issues and FDA also continue to be challenging.  BayBio is engaged in advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the biomedical industry in multiple ways including advocating for FDA reform, capital access plan, arranging partnership days to attract big pharma and Angel and VC investment.  BayBio is also supporting entrepreneurs through community support, free membership to quarterly newsletters, access to tax-deductible equipment, supplies, and consumable donations and other ways of fostering strategic partnerships.  The program was followed by Q&A.




  1. #1 by Bay Bio on December 16, 2011 - 9:38 pm

    Great post. We need to support entrepreneurs more and provide access to capital.

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