Desi Boyz – Bolywood Movie Review (spoiler alert)

Desi Boyz is a story of two friends (John Abraham & Akshay Kumar) forced to loose their jobs & their homes and being hit hard by recession, they find themselves in an unlikely profession and become male escorts. Sadly, the movie does not make a distinction between male escorts and male strip dancers (an important distinction). Although called male escorts, in reality, they set some limits and become strip dancers.  Judged by (hypocritical) Indian standards of morality (although the movie is set inUK), one looses his fiancee and the other looses custody of his nephew, who has lost his parents in an accident.  They give up their profession, go back to college, force their way into a job, win back the finacee and gain custody of the lost kid.

It was a great theme, if only they had left morality out of it.  I am not sure why Indian movies feel compelled to depart moral sermons (as if overwhelming gurus, aashrams, religions, chants etc. is not enough to keep Indians on straight and narrow path). But the movie somewhat redeemed itself, at least for me, when in the last scene someone threw a bundle of morning papers, with the headline screaming news of further recession and job loss, and the boys were called back to a dancing gig in newly opened offices and they seemed to be accepting it. Loved the songs and dancing. On a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (terrible), I would give it a neutral 3 rating.



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