Poem – Wildflowers and Waterfalls – love’s shrine

(Sometimes wildflowers & waterfalls & happy memories we just carry in our heart as we continue on ahead in the life’s journey – on the winding, twisty road.  Even a loving memory does not stop the journey – though we might pause a bit).

Spring is blooming

English: Wildflowers

English: Wildflowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildflowers and waterfalls
Cool breeze blowing
I linger a moment or two
By the flowing stream
Holding the feel of you

Cluching your hand
By the flowing stream
Reminiscing teary-eyed
Touching the sky
Redwoods stand tall

Leaning, I stand by
My fingers entwined
Around yours
Ties that bind

English: Road through the woods

English: Road through the woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)                       

Well traveled road
Beacons me
To move ahead
My fingers I untwine
Gently I lay down the twig

And I leave the shrine
Into the sunlight I walk
By the flowing stream
My fingers holding a piece of the rock

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