Poem – Little People’s Big Dreams

C—H—A—I—R …………. Chair
She says a little proud, tad shy
She repeats over and over
She has big dreams in her one sparkling eye
Lost her other in small pox
C—H—A—I—R ………… Chair

poor indian girl

poor indian girl (Photo credit: ruchi_varshneya)

She says dusting my aunt’s jewelry box
Smiling and brushing aside her hair
Anu nachna kudna bandh karo
Bahot kaam baki pada hai
Chalo fatafat kaam khatam karo

Fir mujeh bahar jana hai
As I am rocking on the zula
Anu delivers the tea silently
Runs to the kitchen to her mother’s call
Merrily she picks up the mop, not meekly

I am writing a poem
I have privileges
Anu will not let me hold a broom
But she has big dreams
I splash in the rain

She carries my backpack
She has the drive and the brain
I am slated to achieve, my environment providing me the advantage

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