Poem – Bird who won’t fly — and one day he did!

This poem is dedicated to a bird who once came in the complex where we lived and for some reason he would just sit there and not fly.  My kids and I named him “clueless” and we talked to him every time we saw him.  I urged him to fly and told him that up there he would find infinite possibilities and that made my kids laugh.  Then one fine day he flew.  And I guess when you discover you can fly………..err well……. sky is the limit!!


There once came a bird in my balcony
I loved him more than my honey
I named him clueless
Couldn’t think of anything else

Clueless does not have a clue
What he should say or do
“Clueless”, said, I.
Why don’t you soar in open sky

A blue mutant Princess Parrot at Flying High B...

A blue mutant Princess Parrot at Flying High Bird Sanctuary, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clueless simply stared at me
Should I just let him be?
Once again attempting to motivate
I suggested he levitate

Use his beautiful wings
And do things
You and I can’t do
Though would love to

Soar in the wide open sky
Spread our wings and fly
Not a clue of his awesome abilities
Clueless sits and stares

Then one day he flew
Closer to the sun shining in the sky so blue
Far from the grounds
Higher, above the clouds

Leaving behind memories
Without concern, or care, or worries
Now that he had discovered with fascination
His ability to soar beyond imagination

Clueless did not stop to look back or sit
On he flew with a name that did not fit

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