Poem – A Very Perfect Gentleman

Sometimes our close friends are so very different from us and these differences pause interesting sense of mystery and intrigue.  The poem below I wrote when thought of a friend of mine who always seemed so very precise and I also marveled at his sense of absolute integrity and found it fascinating enough that it became a subject of this poem.

His face so grim
His mouth so prim
His words so precise
Measured to be nice

He says but something
Conveys much of nothing
He smiles evenly
Twice an hour precisely

Year of the Gentleman

Year of the Gentleman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He is the perfect gentleman
Without a blemish or a tan
Oh he knows right from wrong
Doing right is his theme song

He is preoccupied with principles
Represses his needs and desires
Lest they get ahead of right
And that wouldn’t be bright

Rightness he chooses with detailed precision
Cornerstone of his every decision
Decisions made with his mind not imagination
Heart and soul taken out of the equation

With my heart I think
My decisions with my feelings link
With my soul I reside on this planet
And wonder about this Mr. Right

Could his thoughts be muddled
His values curdled
Under his weighty principles
And anchored dreams?

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