Poem – Anger Yields……

(poem about how love transcends over sadness, anger, hurt. – I experienced abuse in my relationship and after one such day I felt a lot of sadness,  hurt, and anger.  Then I went for a walk and sat on a bench under a tree. There I made one conscious decision to never allow the abuse to overpower me enough where I would loose the love in my heart.  I prayed to God to give me the strength and the courage to be optimistic and keep love and hope alive so that one day when I am in a better place, I can experience love, recognize love, feel and respond to love, whether it is love towards my children, someone special, or towards parents or friends.  I prayed that regardless of my bitter experiences, my heart would never turn bitter.  Then I wrote this simple poem).

Bare trees and benches.

Bare trees and benches. (Photo credit: ronsaunders47)

Ever so often there comes a time
When anger dwells in my heart and mind

It lasts but a tiny moment
Leaves silently with a lament

Saluting the abundant love
Peaceful and tranquil as a dove

Love stays in my heart
Beacons anger bitter and tart

To taste the sweetness it relishes
Nudged gently, my anger relinquishes

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