“Seeing through Blood” by Vahid Saadat, Voyage Medical at Bio2DeviceGroup

Vahid Saadat, CEO of Voyage Medical www.voyagemedical.com, talked about the technology that enables “seeing through blood”, with immediate application in intracardiac space, at www.bio2devicegroup.org event on Nov 15, 2011.  Conventional navigational tools are inefficient and surgeons doing intricate surgeries to correct Atrial and Ventricular fibrillation need better navigational tools and constant feedback.  Atrial fibrillation or A-fib is the most common cardiac arrhythmia and causes chaotic electrical activity in the two upper chambers of the heart.  Ventricular fibrillation or V-fib can only be confirmed by electrocardiography and is a common cause of cardiac arrest.  The technique currently used to deal with arrhythmias is ablation where energy is delivered via a thin catheter into the artery or the vein of the heart that causes the irregularity and the tissue is burned and the pathway is disconnected.  Ischemic ventricular tachycardia originates in the ventricular section of the heart and causes life threatening arrhythmia and results in about three hundred thousand deaths, in the US, each year. Implantable defibrillator has not resulted in significant longevity.

Voyage Medical technology focuses on Atrial fibrillation which is highly prevalent with about 3.1 M patients, in theUS.  Voyage Medical’s IRIS Direct Visualization technology enables the cardiac surgeons to clearly see the targeted treatment sites in a beating, moving heart, in high resolution.  The technology involves injecting small amounts of saline into the blood which enables clarity of vision and energy is sent out through saline.  This gives more precise catheter control, with greater effectiveness in therapy delivery, while also cooling the tip. It is a single use system, targeting a huge potential market.  The talk was followed by Q&A from the riveted audience.



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