Movie Review: Win-Win

Movie Review: Win-Win

Struggling attorney, Mike Flaherty (Paul giamatti) also coaches high school part-time wrestling team.  He schemes to pay his bills by acting as a legal guardian of an elderly client.  But his plan and his life is turned upside down when his client’s troubled grandson shows up looking for a place to stay and is later followed by his mother, a selfish woman who is now seeking guardianship of her father and the money that goes with it.  This complicated drama ends in an all around win that makes everyone happy including the attorney, his wife, his elderly client and his daughter and grandson.  I would recommend this movie. 

Q: Who could do greater damage to the society in the long run – a person who is inherently good and lives a good life but is driven by desperation to commit one bad act or a person who is inherently bad and keeps engaging in myriad of selfish acts essentially driven by the need to serve no one but themselves.


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