Tracing of the history of medical technology from 1900s by Bob Easton, Chairman, Scisive Consulting

Mr. Bob Easton, Chairman of Scisive Consulting gave a presentation tracing the history and important milestones in healthcare industry at The Bio2Device Group onTuesday May 10, 2011.

Establishment of London sewerage system in 1860 was the first important governmental focus towards public health with huge consequences leading to sharp decline in the spread of diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid etc.  Another important milestone was the invention of the X-ray in 1895.  Great progress was achieved in 1900s.  Discovery of Penicillin in 1943 reduced fatalities from minor infections.  In 1953, Watson and Crick proposed the double helix or the spiral structure of the DNA molecule based on X-ray diffraction data collected by Rosalind Franklin to which many of the modern diagnostics can be traced back.  Also first knee replacement was done in 1953.  Many of the attendees could related to the fear caused by the polio epidemic prior to the discovery of the polio vaccine in 1954.

First hip replacement was done in 1960 and first mammography in 1966.  First AIDS case was found in 1968.  In 1976, Inderal, a beta blocker, became the biggest selling drug and it began the era of major block buster drugs.  Tagamet became a huge block buster drug in 1977 and first MRI procedure was also done in 1977.  Genentech was founded in 1979.  In 1981, Hybritech’s first monoclonal antibodies test was developed for pregnancy testing.  Humulin was approved and marketed by Lily for diabetes in 1982.  First injection was also introduced for ED therapy in 1982.  HIV was discovered in 1984 and J&J commercialized the first cardiovascular stent in 1986.

During the 90s, there was more progress with consolidation.  Risperdal was introduced in 1993.  Tagamet went off patent in 1994 and Lipitor was introduced in 1996.  Learning in 1990s was to grow by getting acquired and drugs can be $10B products.  With Dolly, the emphasis was on cloning in 1999.  Garadisil vaccine for cervical cancer was introduced in 2006.

Mr. Easton interjected this history with his own career history and attendees related their own experiences with health technology during this time.



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