Steve Case, Chairman of Revolution LLC gives Keynote Address to kick off TiEcon 2011

TiEcon 2011 began on Day 1 with fireside chat with Mr. Steve Case, Chairman of Revolution LLC and the Case Foundation.  Case said he was motivated and encouraged by entrepreneurship opportunities in the internet when he read Third Wave by Alvin Toffler.  He is more interested in build to last model rather than the build to flip companies that were started in late 90s.  Going forward, Case sees opportunities in the ubiquituy of mobility of the internet.  Talking about his investment in Zip car, Case said he sees second internet revolution in future that will transform everyday life.  Thes companies will harness the mobile power of the internet but will not necessarily be in the internet business, said Case.  Case said he is excited about his participation in public policy dialog, in DC and sees entrepreneurship as job creation and as economic engine of growth.


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