Social Media for Medical Technologies

Debbie Donovan, Consultant with eGold Solutions talked on the topic of Social Media for Medical Technologies at on Tuesday April, 5.  In the upbeat, compelling presentation, Donovan began by saying “social media is a doable project and the goal is to drive traffic to the website”.  Donovan stressed that social media presence is absolutely essential for companies and it allows them to be the voice of their own brand.  Donovan suggested starting by understanding audience needs by asking good questions, being clear about message tones and brand characteristics companies want highlighted then pulling together assets that work in each channel.  Many easy practical tips she suggested include, investigating forums like “patients like me” and “HyperSisters” which would give greater insight into patient needs, and browsing specialized wikis for examples.  She suggested maximizing social presence through all channels by installing “share this” feature on websites and integrating LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, SlideShare and Flickr.  She discussed the ROI in each channel in detail.  The presentation was followed by Q&A that included individual privacy issues in social media channels.




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