Partnership and Dialog between Government and Industry Essential for Sustained Economic Growth

After much speculation, it has indeed been confirmed that Mr. Steve Case will be giving keynote speech at Silicon Valley TiEcon 2011 .  AOL co-founder Mr. Steve Case is now the Chair of the Startup America Partnership  This partnership is a nonprofit initiative launched by the White House with the support of Silicon Valley tech companies including Google, Intel, HP, and Facebook.  This initiative is testimony to the faith that the current administration puts in innovation and market dynamics as the engine to spur economic growth.  Beyond a certain point, it is not stimulus money but stimulation through innovation that our country needs to emerge as a competitive economic power.

TiEcon 2011 has acknowledged the White House initiative by inviting Mr. Case to give a keynote at this year’s conference in May.  The conference is expected to draw over 4,000 attendees, many of whom are aspiring entrepreneurs and committed professionals.    Fareed Zakaria has stressed that the key to a competitive economy lies in a society’s ability to stay flexible, being able to start and shut down companies and hire and fire people.  I have some of my own questions that I would like to see addressed in this keynote.  What is the role of the government to make this work?  Would this same prescription apply to the government so that government has the built-in flexibility to invest in the future and in the infrastructure while at the same time eliminating programs that don’t work?  Sometimes it is disheartening to see that the government programs and subsidies seem eternal and various private interests ensure that nothing ever gets eliminated, while more programs get added.  Is the administration poised to address this challenge so that it mirrors the level of efficiency existing in American companies?  What kind of investment is planned for science, technology, and infrastructure to spur job growth?

I am excited that TiEcon has extended an invitation to Mr. Steve Case.  It seems that only with government-industry partnership and continuing dialog on how government can remain accountable, spur innovation and eliminate waste even as industry also remains accountable, operates with integrity, and also with a focus on R&D and entrepreneurship, can we leverage the strengths for real and sustained economic growth.

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