Sal Khan Changing the World of Knowledge, One YouTube Video at a Time

Salman Khan is educator who is transforming how learning works.  He is an Indian immigrant and just a few years back was a successful hedge fund manager.  At a family gathering, he was tutoring his nephews and nieces in math and when they were leaving, he offered to continue tutoring them through the web based videos as tutoring tools.  Very soon the videos began multiplying and they began gaining wider recognition.  Bill Gates found him “amazing” and he and his son began soaking up the videos, from algebra to biology.  Since Khan began his tutorials in late 2006, Khan Academy has received over 18 million page views worldwide.  In any given month, Khan reaches over 200,000 students making his non- profit site the most popular educational site in the world.

Sal Khan’s short, succinct videos do not show his face, and yet students soak up the learning and do not feel it to be impersonal.  Sal Khan is a transformer, a visionary, a creative architect of a new form of teaching and learning with a potential to enhance access and educational prospects of millions and possibly billions of students, worldwide.  His key message is that if technology is used effectively, “learning can be made more human and humane, more interpersonal and relational”.  In September, 2010, Google awarded $2 million dollars to Sal Khan for his contribution in educating the world through his math and science videos.  Khan plans to use the money to translate the videos into Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and all the major languages of the world.   Now here is an entrepreneur who is changing the world of knowledge, one brief YouTube video, at a time.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Sal Khan speaking at TiEcon 2011 at Santa Clara, CA in May.  Register for TiEcon now for the best price offer at




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