Jobs Creation Happens in Environment that Nurtures Talent

Everyone has an inner urge to excel at some talent they possess.  The passion to excel at something motivates entrepreneurs to dream up new ideas for doing something different and better.  But a new idea is not enough.  What does it take to bring a good idea to fruition?  Kiran Kini Malhotra, Executive Director of TiE, says, that to bring a new idea to fruition, one needs a good team of people around them who share similar vision and create an environment to nurture that talent.  Women do not always find such a fertile environment and leadership and mentoring support to nurture their talent.  Malhotra quoted a study that says “if women were given the same capital as men, they would create 6 million jobs in 5 years, 2 million in the first year alone”.  TiE is now doing something to promote women entrepreneurs through their women’s forum.  Both men and women are participating in these programs to help create an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, leadership, and learning.  To hear Malhotra’s full interview, please click on the link below. To register for TiEcon or for more information on TiE, go to and


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