Managing Change in Technology-Driven World – Talk by Benny Kirsh, TCM Consulting

Benny Kirsh, Founder & Principal of TCM Consulting talked on Managing Change in a Technology Driven World Tuesday, 8:30 am  Despite making huge investments in implementing new ERP or CRM systems, organizations often fail to bring everyone on board and facilitate sustained change process.   There are many reasons for this.  Often there is lack of commitment from senior leaders, there is lack of trust, the focus slips and so on.  Kirsh shared transformation framework that should include three cornerstones of Commitment from the leadership and other change agents, Capability to ensure that participants receive training and tools to drive the change, and Clarity regarding strategic direction to align strategy with organizational culture.  Kirsh emphasized that the process needs to be monitored because “what is monitored, gets done”.  Complete pre-assessment should include assessing the organizational scope, level of complexity of the system, anticipated resistance, cultural capability, and change leadership.  Kirsh shared real-life examples and case studies where the process failed and at other times, with effective intervention and appropriate change management process, real and sustained change was achieved.



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