How TiEcon in Silicon Valley offers one of the best professional networking opportunity

Like many regular TiEcon attendees, I am a self-described TiEcon junkee.  I have attended TiEcon, the flagship annual conference put on by TiE Silicon valley, for past 12 or so years.  People often ask me why I attend this conference and what do I get out of it.  Justifying legitimacy of the time required to attend such events in the world throwing information and events at breakneck pace, is always challenging.  And then there are cost considerations.  So I thought long and hard about how it has helped and benefited me and how it could benefit other professionals and why do people attend conferences in general.

Contrary to the belief held by some professionals, TiEcon is not only geared towards entrepreneurs with new ventures or hoping to start new ventures.  Let us not forget that any new company will also require right partnerships and forming good teams.  It takes a whole eco system to start a new business venture.  TiEcon offers unparalleled opportunity to network with the professional target group of your choice, at the level that will benefit you.  For VCs and Angel Investors, TiEcon is like being a kid in a toy store full of rich options for understanding new technologies and new ventures taking shape.  Those entrepreneurs with mid and late stage ventures, often walk away with crucial information on exit opportunities.  Those hoping to start new companies, find opportunities to network with other professionals to form the right teams, opportunities to find angel investors, find information and understanding on competitive landscape and market opportunities.

Attendees have told me about valuable lessons they have learned first hand from industry experts that have helped them successfully implement technology and/ or market solutions.  Excellent information helps many to get up to date on new and emerging technologies.  This is a huge conference with professionals actively networking to make things happen.  Twice I found candidates for couple of my clients.  Once an attendee introduced me to some HR personnel who engaged me to offer training sessions at their company.  Over the years, I have found ways to grow and learn, build my network, get numerous leads that help me further grow my network, make friends, and in the end I continue to attend TiEcons to reconnect with my friends.  How has attending TiEcon helped you and if you are a first time attendee, what are you looking at gaining from attending this conference?  If you are looking to register for tiecon, go to

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  1. #1 by Harsha Sastry on March 17, 2011 - 7:11 pm

    Darshana, you bring up many valid reasons to attend TiECon. Building a network/contacts takes a lot of time – so it is a relentless effort. When you really need it, you cannot magically connect with people to leverage it.

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