Unconventional strategy to jumpstart the economy

President Obama has worked hard to jump start the economy with the infusion of stimulus money and has lobbied hard to pass the healthcare reform in order to contain sky rocketing costs and make quality care accessible to all.  However, he is also clearly aware that economic growth ultimately comes not from government actions, but from inspired entrepreneurs, taking the initiative to solve everyday problems, with innovative solutions.  Startup America, http://tinyurl.com/4sb5ab3, a White House- led initiative is aimed at spurring entrepreneurship by bringing together private companies, entrepreneurs, universities, foundations, and other leaders.  The announcement panel included AOL co-founder Steve Case and Carl Schramm, the President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, both of whom have the mandate to oversee the project.  “Bringing together some of the best minds in the country is a good place to start” said Gerry Langeler, a managing director with OVP Venture Partners.

Each year, TiEcon (www.tiecon.org) also does exactly that – provide a forum to bring together some of the best minds in the country and some of the most motivated people and some of the most creative ideas and some of the sharp brains on the lookout for the new ideas.  America is built on the core value that one creates one’s own destiny.  At TiEcon, this becomes a reality where the extent to which an individual participates, becomes an opportunity to create one’s destiny.  Said Garima Thockchom, VP Marketing at Gale Technologies, “TiEcon offers amazing opportunities to network with experts in my field, share experiences and real-world best-practices, and keep track of innovation and trends. I cannot wait to return to TiEcon every year!”  This sentiment is echoed frequently among attendees at TiEcon.  Stay tuned for announcement regarding “the best price window”.  Hope to see you there!


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